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Gayle Thrower Rej

Gayle Thrower Rej has degrees in Psychology, Theatre, and English Education, has travelled to all 50 states, and has had several careers in her half of a century on this beautiful planet.  She taught high school theatre for 9 years and directed over 50 productions, including six musicals.  

Gayle’s greatest joys are  her two little girls, Beatrix and Dorothy and her husband, Jonathan. She feels so lucky to get to work with her co-director, the ultimate Renaissance woman, Barb Hays. Gayle hopes you enjoy the show and come to see the next Ultra Popcorn production!

Barb Hays

Barb Hays fell to Atlanta in 1989 from Buffalo, NY, where she studied Theatre at SUNY Buffalo. She performed regionally in Buffalo and fell in love with experimental and Theatre of the absurd. She founded several multi-media performance groups and grew to love producing events. In Atlanta, she has played rock and roll music, and is one of the founders of Blast-Off Burlesque. She loves to create space for artists to shine, and for audiences to let loose and have fun. She is an avid runner, pug lover and costumer, and has done wardrobe for several feature films and TV.

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